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Brazilian Summer

I've been in Brazil since June, first for a two-week pilot interterm graduate school course - The Developmental Trajectory of Modern Brazil - and then for an internship. With two professors and only three students, the course was tiny and intense. We learned Brazilian history and politics and their effect on the country's culture and development, packing ten weeks of class time into ten days. The structure was a bit of a mess since what was supposed to be the first week was shifted to the second so we learned history backwards, but I could ask any questions I wanted and follow any discourse I found interesting. I could talk through anything with the professors and those they invited to cover special topics. I got to write my final paper on the effects of the War on Drugs focusing on the prison system, which was a cool extension of a paper I worked on in my Illicit Markets in Latin America class last quarter. We also visited sights around the city in the afternoons, which is al…

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