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Bigger Better Chex Mix

Some of us are going hiking tomorrow, so I figured a bit of chex mix would go over well on the trail. It was one of my favorite snacks as a kid and continues to be delicious because it has the perfect mix of salty and sweet. My mom always makes it in the biggest pot we own and although it should last for weeks, it mysteriously disappears far too fast.
The recipe, she said, is pretty close to the one on the box. When she finished "making a few adjustments" to the box recipe, though, not a single measure was the same. A good number of ingredients weren't either. It bears little resemblance to the sad, dry bags sold in vending machines, and it's certainly worth the changes - a little salty, a little sweet, lots of texture and lots of flavor. Bigger Better Chex Mix 6 cups Corn Chex
6 cups Rice Chex
6 cups Wheat Chex
6 cups pretzel sticks
6 cups Kix
1 jar (16 oz) lightly salted dry roasted peanuts (not honey roasted!)

12 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup Worchestershire sauce
1 …

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