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Grad School Work

One of my best friends is getting published! Real life, first name on an academic study kind of published. PhD work kind of published. It's awesome, and I'm proud of her.  
I, on the less impressive end of the spectrum, got my paper on our school's Latin America Center blog. Although I don't talk about it a lot here, I'm currently in graduate school studying International Development. I'm learning a ton and excited about it, which is not what I anticipated when I applied. When I applied, it was a strategic move knowing that I couldn't advance far within the Development field without a Master's degree. After a year, I've created some good relationships with professors and had some awesome classes. One of my classes last year was on Illicit Markets in the Americas, and I'm happy that our final paper on prisons systems was put up as a blog for the Latin America Center this year. It was a five-part post, and mine was the final section - 
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